Commonly Used Antique Furniture Terminologies

Our association with certain people gets to determine are taste and class at some point such that a lover of antiques gets to attract the same. Speed dating Houston events asserts you with such opportunities to meet people who admire the same things as you do, e.g. antique furniture.

Antiques represent class and age; they are objects such as a piece of art or furniture, generally known for its expensive nature, beauty and rarity. For your date, as well as you to be aware of this, then you two already have a lot in common to hold on to.

Meanwhile, getting along on your first date at the speed dating Houston events wouldn’t be hard.  You two can discuss the different antique furniture terms which you found not too familiar. Below is a list of few of them.


Acanthus is a leafy carved ornament, seated on the top of the columns of the Corinthian, mostly seen in the mahogany furniture, from the Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian period.


Bombe represents a sizeable outward swelling curve at the front of antique furniture. It’s a French word that means “blown out”.

Cheval mirror

A cheval mirror is a full-length antique mirror, usually standing and elegant to behold.


Chest on chest mirrors is otherwise known as the tallboy. Its a chest of drawers which consist of two parts with one sitting on top of the other.  

Console table

Your wall should not be left bare without a piece of this hanging from it, it’s a small table that can be attached to the wall, with two legs forward or it could be left to be free-standing against the wall.


Inlays are of thin layers with different materials, mostly used to create a pattern. It is also a form of decoration used on furniture.


Kingwood derived its name from the preference it got from the kings of France in the 18th century. A Brazilian wood best used for cabinet work.

Nest of tables

Nest of tables is a constructed group of the table, designed such that one fits under the other.

Partners desk

A partners’ desk is an antique table with working cupboards or drawers on both sides, large enough to fit two people facing each other.


Renaissance is the awakening of interest in classical designs.


An antique sideboard is meant for the dining. Flanked on each side by a cabinet with doors. The body is a storage unit, composed of drawers.


A stretcher is a rail at the bottom of furniture, strengthening or stabilising the furniture. Often forms the X, H or Y shape.


The Victorian epoch is when queen Victoria was on the throne, between 1837 to 1901. Elegant Victorian furniture were constructed throughout this period and are still well collected today.

In conclusion, dating or getting to know each other shouldn’t be all about kisses and romance. Valuable knowledge can be shared and this is no exemption.

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